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As the time goes by, websites are being used as a tool of visualization of company. These websites are been viewed on a variety of gadgets to explore www. So accordingly we adapted to give the best view to our viewers by adopting ‘Responsive Designs’.A responsive web design mainly concentrates on the web design which expands and contract based on the width of the browser and the type of devices viewed on. As a result on a desktop computer,website will look big and bold and on Tabs and even a small mobile phone screen, it will be crisp, fast, and easy to navigate.Whether you are starting from scratch or you need to redesign you current web site, We cater this service with a high quality solution to make your reflection visible on all the gadgets.

With over 1 billion smartphone users in 2014, the need to have a responsive website that is compatible on these devices is growing. Benefits of a responsive website are:

  • Website is viewable on all Smartphones (iPhone, Android, etc.)
  • Viewable on all tablets including, iPad, Samsung etc
  • All websites come with a CMS( Content management system)
  • Changing content on your responsive website will automatically optimise layout on all devices
  • Receive much more targeted internet traffic

How Can Responsive Web Design Enhance Your Business?

In traditional marketing, for significant impact, businesses would launch advertising campaigns that will reach the maximum number of people. The principle stays true to the internet marketing. Building a website is basically aimed at making an online presence. As more people are accessing the net using a variety of gadgets, it is only sensible that you adjust to the trend of internet usage.

Advantages of Responsive Web Design

  • Improved SEO: one URL accumulates all links, PageRank, Page Authority, etc.
  • Less maintenance:Only one website to be updated rather than desktop and mobile site updates.
  • User friendly:Website adjusts to any screen size.
  • Costs Savings
  • Lower hosting costs:Only one website to be hosted
  • Conversions may increase
  • No site redirects
  • Google Analytics:One complete view for all the traffic. To get insights on the mobile visitors, create a “mobile-only” segment.
  • Collect all social data with a single URL
  • Less chance of errors

Our Services

  • Development of responsive websites with HTML5 and CSS3
  • UI Games development
  • Best user navigation and web browsing
  • Conversion Magento store to a responsive Magento store
  • Reduced development cost
  • Development of highly structured and organized sites
  • Rich and complex video file handling with HTML5 development
  • Mobile apps development
  • Conversion of current word press site to a responsive site

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